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Clark County Equity Coalition:

Equal & Meaningful Preparation for All Children


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Clark County Equity Coalition


Members of the Coalition share the goal of advancing equity in all their work.  We commit to creating accountable, welcoming, and inclusive spaces by living out and practicing the values, beliefs, and behaviors we are asking for in our community, Clark County Board of Education, and Clark County schools.   Coalition members are at different levels of experience and comfort with working on internal implicit biases. 


  • We are building a long, sustainable runway for our shared aspirations for the community, rooted in community resilience.  

  • We acknowledge the work will take time and we will move between being and action states. 

  • We are not alone in this work and we will find strength, energy, and shared experiences from our peers working on similar aspirations.

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Students in a Science Class


The Clark county Equity Coalition is a grassroot effort that was born out of a group of parents and grandparents of children from Clark County and surrounding areas who live and/or work in Clark county.

Proactively, we joined together with a common cause to partner with the Board of Education, The Prichard Committee and the Clark County Schools to be a resource to the educational system, parents and the community and most of all our children.

It is our belief that, “If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing.” ― John C. Maxwell.  This is our approach.  We do not want to wait for an incident to act.  The Equity Coalition would like to have assistance in place, be of service, and create brave spaces to have difficult conversations.  Our approach to this great work is realistic. We understand that we do not all have to agree to move forward.   We all have biases, but at the end of the day we are all working towards the same goal.

Our Commitment

Work hand in hand with the BOE to identify gaps, hold space for brave, difficult discussions, and assist in improving overall staff representation for marginalized groups.

Nora Jacobs, Teacher

Learning & Unlearning  • Communicate Outwardly  •  Transparency  •  Qualitative & Quantitative Data  •  Intentionality


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This conversation was at our Ribbon Cutting, hosted by the Winchester Chamber of Commerce.


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